Interior Design for Modern Living

Mia Rao Design is a custom design firm, that cultivates relationships with our clients, resulting in one-of-a-kind projects. Our talented team of designers, drive the process, creating unique, personalized interiors. Our goal, with each project, is to develop an environment that reflects the interests and lifestyle of the inhabitants.

Our soulful, energetic approach to design makes the creative process exciting. Mia Rao Design infuses character into a space, drawing a client’s personal history and way of life. The objective for each project is to achieve a well-balanced, interesting interior which is completely unique. Established in 2001, our Chicago based, full service interior design firm, focuses on livable, individually tailored spaces, for both residential and commercial interiors.

Our design team shares a love of travel, and infuses their broad appreciation of diverse aesthetics into our design vernacular. Routinely drawing on our other creative endeavors, our pallet is rich, allowing us to create spaces for our clients, unlike any other.

"Mia Rao brings an artistic flair and very creative ideas and concepts to any design project. At the same time, Mia is an excellent listener and develops an accurate perception for what her client desires. Then, Mia applies her expertise in a way that makes the client’s vision become an even better reality."

B. Hayes


Mia's newly-renovated nook was featured in CS Magazine. Read more about it here.


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